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Introductions And Rules

Dolindo International as owner and policy makers as well as existing regulations in www.doltuku.com , has the right to give or withhold consent to any product or service listing the latest advertisements , to be displayed and whether or not activated in all existing sites under Dolindo Group International , one of which is www.doltuku.com .

We created a system , strict guidelines and rules for the entire contents of a product or service that is in doltuku.com , so that anyone from any age can visit doltuku.com , without the worry of getting negative things , such as pornography , gambling , fraud and abuse as well as others .

Since the beginning our goal was to try to give as much as possible is always positive content to users from all over the world doltuku.com .

” As an example of pornography , we will not make parents worry about their children when accessing doltuku.com , because we will not give the slightest chance of the contents , either in writing , or pornographic images are inside doltuku.com , so you do not have to worry when your kids were in doltuku.com to seek and obtain information ”

Some general guidelines and rules standards , which must be in accordance with our policies :

1 . Review for listing products and services .

For each listing a new product or service , will always be in the reviews in advance by pre- activated doltuku.com admin section and can be viewed by other users , including advertisers , this is one of the most important policy for us .

The time required to review a product or service , usually a maximum of 1 x 24 hours after you successfully install the new listing .

2 . Promotional advertising products or services are not allowed .

Advertising a product or service is good and permitted , ie a product or service that does not violate the policy of Dolindo International . There are several groups of policies and rules are created for all users doltuku.com about advertising products or services that are good and are not allowed to be screened in doltuku.com

- Pornography

We will never approve ads about products that contain pornography as :

- Packaged in a porn dvd and vcd or other similar packaging .

- Drug vitality or powerful drugs to increase arousal for men like viagra , cialis , etc.

- Drug stimulants for women and men .

- Drug enlarger for male genitalia .

- Drug milker nipples or crotch bleach .

- As for aids or sex toys , we will select and review the first for some time , before allowing or not , to be aired on those products . ( note : if you put an ad , with images that contain pornographic content for product sex toys , we would never have to approve it ) .

- For services that contain pornography , nor will we allow these services ads displayed on our web site , such as call girls , sexual services and so forth .

- Group of products or services in violation of the law

- Animals and plants are protected .

- Narcotics and psychotropic substances .

- Trade ( not including offers privately owned , but must abide by the laws and regulations berlakuk in each country ) of human organs , and human trafficking .

- Firearms and explosives .

- Liquor without a license or related health ministry , the production of each country concerned .

- Other groups

- Pesugihan Science , Compassion , pellets , witchcraft and the like .

- Online business which includes social gathering chain and a money game .

- Hacking services , counterfeit , jailbreak .

- Database and documents included confidential .

- Content that contains elements of sara , instigation .

3 . Duplicate Content .

www.doltuku.com always wanted to try to give our best all the content related to products , services and information we provide , therefore we will reject all kinds of action regarding duplicate content included in the category of spam .

Search engine (search engine ) that we already know such as Google , Yahoo , Bing , Baidu and others really do not like about duplicate content ( the content of advertising a product or service the same , but many times in listingkan ) , because it will make the search engines become confused about which pages should they show on their search result pages . When they are confused about the issue, then they choose to not display all similar pages in their search engine results , and provide a poor assessment of the sites that have a lot of duplicate content . This course will provide a negative influence on the site , as well as other people who do the promotion and selling of products or services through the site as well .

Does that include duplicate content :

a. Same product or service , advertised repeatedly in one site .

b . Attempt to trick the site to make some user id , company name , email address different , but still advertise products or services which are identical .

c . Write a title different , but when viewed as a whole it remained similar or even the same .

Maybe there are some people who keep trying to perform duplicate content on an ongoing basis , but it would be a waste of time that you have, because doltuku.com has been a very good system for a minimum avoid duplicate content on our site .

” Our hope is about duplicate content , let us respect each other and respect the ownership of all the others together . And think to avoid selfishness so in a business or businesses , no one feels aggrieved parties , including the owner of the site namely Dolindo International ” .

And we are also informed , that the possibility of a prospective visitors who are potential buyers of your product or service , will be in doubt see your product or service , let alone intend to buy your product or use your service , because everyone knows that ” spam ads by spammers ” usually the seller of a product or service provider that is not valid or can not be trusted as a good seller .

4 . Quality doltuku.com site .

Related to the points above , that doltuku.com want to be one of the sites selling the best products and services , therefore we will always maintain any listing of products or services that we entered into .

We also will do the best for everyone , if there is still conducting activities such as points 1,2 and 3 above .

What we will do such as :

- Will remove all listings of products or services , including membership owned .

- Ban email and ip address .

- And other measures .

Thank you for your cooperation


Support team doltuku.com

Dolindo International