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Terms And Conditions

Currently , when you ‘re already visiting and www.doltuku.com online trading site , you are automatically bound by the terms and conditions that we have, including you who have signed up to be members , and already have a membership in doltuku.com .

Thus , you have expressed consent to the terms , which makes the basic provisions in their use , whether it is your position as guests , visitors and registered users ( sellers or buyers ) .

When you are visiting and using our website constantly , you have shown and accept and will comply with the requirements we have. If you do not agree with our terms , to say sorry, but you are welcome to meningkalkan www.doltuku.com .

Access doltuku.com site

As per our terms , we do not need to tell you , and are not responsible for any reason related to the non- material and financial losses that are not directly related to Dolindo International as the owner www.doltuku.com , when one day the service is in doltuku.com we change , or do not exist at all in that time period is not specified . Although for now , the site is open to the public www.doltuku.com .

However , if at the time when features of our membership levels have been active , who was already very clear that we deal directly and materially to every member of our finance , responsible Dolindo International law in legislation in the Republic of Indonesia , where Dolindo International standing . That, too, with the terms in which the fault is not in the company as the owner www.doltuku.com , such as war , natural disasters , and other hacking programs .

Access to members in doltuku.com will be given a password and identification tools , and workers where each admin can not access it unless you are a member of , associated with a security system that we have. However, we reserve the right to limit or turn off the function of the use of all members , if in the opinion of our team you do not comply with policies , regulations and requirements that we have made .

You are required to be responsible for carrying out all the rules when accessing our website , and is responsible for the people who do internet relationships through doltuku.com .

The information on our site .

We are not responsible for the content of all products or services at our website to anyone, including guests , users , buyers and sellers as well as all the members . Including if the buying and selling of products or services have been successfully carried out , but in the future there is dissatisfaction from either or both sides , we are not entitled to the requested pertanggunjawabannya by anyone.

The information we provide is entitled .

We will not disclose confidential information about you to anyone , but if there are indications violation of law , and such information is requested by the police , Interpol and the prosecutor’s office of each country concerned , Dolindo International reserves the right to provide all the information required by the enforcement authorities legal in every state . For example, the IP address ( Internet Protocol ) and Cookies , address and contact number valid ( result verification ) , visiting time and other doltuku.com .

The information we have from you are entitled .

All information about your beginning , we have entitled during registration and profile creation is complete company or individual . We also reserve the right to verify accurate about you , if you are willing . However , keep in mind that the results of the verification are urgently needed to increase the confidence of all consumers and customers from all over the world , which brings you to them through doltuku.com .

We reserve the right to ask as long as you allow it to inform us , the financial results do not involve sales Dolindo International .

We also have the right and shall notify the financial transaction data to the tax law by tax authorities in the country concerned in accordance the laws and rules that apply . ( If you are a financial transaction involving Dolindo International , for more details please see the link below and read about the ” financial transactions with Dolindo International ” ) .

Regarding our services .

We always strive to constantly update our site regularly to improve and simplify your transaction a positive direction . If we take a moment to temporarily suspend access to our site , please do doltuku.com cooperation for all users , but we will also notify all users if we want to perform maintenance on the doltuku.com

Regarding the material or content that is provided by our company , and if we feel the need to add or subtract , then we will not tell you from the beginning about the matter to the user .

Information about the sellers and buyers on our site .

We process information about you in accordance with our privacy policy policy . By using our site , you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data provided by you is really appropriate.

Contract or agreement for delivery of products or services are made ​​through us , between the seller and the buyer made ​​freely and there is no relationship between time and the amount of money transacted . Then to the agreement , we are not responsible for the delivery and receipt of goods resulting transactions between sellers and buyers .

Changes to terms and conditions .

Please understand , that changes in the terms and conditions that exist now , can we revised without prior notice to any user and members . So it is advisable for you to check this page from time to time for a change we made, because these terms and conditions always bind you, for use doltuku.com .

Some of the provisions contained in these terms of use may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site .

Others .

To get that information , or would like to ask other matters , you may contact us through the contact form .


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